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Who is Techstrong Group?

Techstrong Group is an omniversal tech media company covering IT industries and practices that are re-shaping the world of technology. Specifically, DevOps, cloud-native, cybersecurity and digital transformation are the communities we live in. 

All Techstrong Group content is freely accessible in multiple device formats, from custom apps for smartphones and tablets, channels on popular streaming platforms, and of course, via web browsers.

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DO-Icon-KO is the largest collection of original content related to DevOps on the web and one of the top results for DevOps-related search terms. Featuring in-depth how-tos, blog articles and breaking news that resonate with IT readers interested in all aspects of DevOps, including: AIOps, cloud, continuous delivery, continuous testing, DevSecOps and more.

Security Boulevard

Security Boulevard is the home of the Security Bloggers Network (SBN). Over 450 member blogs strong; the Security Bloggers Network has been promoting and distributing some of the leading bloggers content in the security space for over 15 years. The site contains over 30,000 posts from the SBN and is growing every day.


Container Journal

Container Journal features the largest and most diverse original content related to containers, cloud-native and microservices and is a top search result for container-related terms. Container Journal features in-depth articles, blog posts and breaking news that resonate with IT readers interested in containers, including Kubernetes, Docker and more.


Digital Anarchist

Digital Anarchist is a ground breaking new video platform, featuring high-quality, engaging content related to all things IT and tech. Hosting a library of more than 1,600 videos presented by 1,300-plus industry experts, Digital Anarchist is the largest single source for video content on DevOps, cloud-native, cybersecurity and digital transformation.


TechStrong TV

Communication and collaboration are core to the tech industry and we wanted to help show it is #Techstrong. Techstrong TV is a streamed broadcast for two to three hours daily Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Each episode features exclusive news, announcements and conversations with IT leaders and deep-dives into specific technologies and best practices.
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Techstrong Research

Techstrong Research is an analyst firm that leverages the Techstrong Group reach and membership to deliver impactful insights to clients. Our analysts provide advisory and research services focused on the business value of emerging technologies.

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Webinars and Roundtables

Webinars offer a unique branding opportunity for sponsors to educate and increase their reputation among community members. We offer both premium and traditional webinars moderated by our editorial team featuring live demos, panel discussions, polls, Q&A and more.



Our event production services include virtual events, in-person roadshows, in-person conferences and general event services.


Techstrong TV

Techstrong TV is our premier livestream channel broadcast three times per week. We feature exclusive news, announcements and conversations with IT leaders and experts on topics ranging from digital transformation to DevOps, cybersecurity, cloud-native, containers and more.


Video Production

We create professionally produced custom videos to tell your story and reach a global audience. Our state-of-the-art production studio is designed to meet any project requirements including thought leadership, customer success stories, educational series and brand marketing videos.


Analyst Research

Techstrong Research offers industry and custom research reports to help IT and product organizations gain insightful, intelligent and actionable information about digital transformation, DevOps, cloud-native and cybersecurity. Visit to request a free inquiry with an analyst.


Custom Content

Custom content includes eBooks, infographics and surveys that promote thought leadership and deliver in-depth insights into tech topics that matter to your target community. Offering opportunities for branding with display ads and logo placement. 


Content Syndication

Content syndication includes sponsored videos, whitepapers, eBooks and infographics. These assets offer a unique opportunity to drive engagement and create a strong reputation for your offerings. Through targeted popups, social media and site-wide support we can help you reach a wider audience.


Blogs, Chats and Comics

Our sites feature a solid mix of written, video and audio (chats) content as well as digital comics, all aimed at the reader community. Content is published daily to provide the most up-to-date information for the topics relevant to our readers. We also accept contributed posts.


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