Why Techstrong Research?

Why Techstrong Research?

Techstrong Research is the go-to source for unbiased information, insights and connections that help IT professionals understand new technologies.

Why Techstrong Research?
Our experienced analysts bring deep technical and business expertise to guide business leaders, technology providers, entrepreneurs and investors on the business value of emerging technologies. We offer our customers a holistic business perspective essential to adapt and thrive in the digital economy.

The Techstrong Research team has the knowledge, experience and credibility earned by working with hundreds of businesses across many industries to provide consulting, thought leadership and research services.

Areas of focus:

  • Cloud: Cloud-based software and applications, contemporary software architectures and technologies (i.e. cloud-native, containers, orchestration, serverless.)
  • Security: Security, privacy and compliance of applications, data, infrastructure and supply chains across the multiple software stacks operating in multiple, dynamic cloud and on-premises environments.
  • AI and Data: Cognitive computing, machine learning and the evolution of AIOps along with managing data across the enterprise.
  • DevOps: Technologies, platforms, automation and processes accelerating the delivery of software integrated with operations/SRE, DevSecOps, product and data workflow pipelines.
  • Infrastructure: Cloud/multi-cloud/hybrid cloud/private cloud platforms, software as infrastructure, on-premises infrastructure and management systems (i.e. GPUs, quantum computing and mainframe-as-a-service.)

Additional Deliverables:



Engage with our analyst team to research a topic of your choosing.

Surveys and Reports

Every quarter, we run a vendor-neutral survey to focus on important trends within the IT community.



Research is based on relevant and timely topics determined by our editorial staff.

Analyst Panel Roundtables

Lively debate and discourse among webinar panelists featuring thought leaders, practitioners and hot topics. Attendees receive a survey report with summary highlights after the show.

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