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“The Techstrong Group team enables us to continuously exchange ideas with DevOps leaders, influencers and practitioners – a vital service given the fast-changing world of DevOps.”
David McNierney, Product Marketing Leader
“The Techstrong Group team has its finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the DevOps and security communities. They offer a multitude of ways for Qualys to interact with their technical audience including online publications, webinars, video broadcasts, industry event coverage, and now a top-notch industry analyst group. Alan and his team are seasoned experts that are a pleasure to work with and are a valuable partner to Qualys.”
Tami Casey, Director, Global Corporate Communications
“Educators, journalists, evangelists, community-builders and friends are just a few terms I use to describe the Techstrong Group team. This creative group of individuals has been key in communicating technology shifts across the spectrum from security to DevOps and cloud-native. We are all better because of them.”

Tracy Ragan, CEO

“Techstrong Group has provided a great collaboration platform reaching from lurkers to experts on various enterprise development topics including DevOps, security, continuous delivery, containers and continuous improvement. Together, we have been able to participate in and drive the birth of a new category of development management tools – Value Stream Management.”

Jeff Keyes, Vice President Of Products
“Techstrong Group is invaluable in providing knowledge and insight on the container and Kubernetes market landscape.”
Sheng Liang, Co-founder, CEO
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