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MediaOps funds two full scholarships annually for Boca Code’s Software Engineering Career Course to help diversify the local skilled talent pool and create a more inclusive tech industry.

BOCA RATON, Fla., March 2, 2021 — MediaOps, the place to tell your story in the most powerful way, is teaming up with Boca Code, which offers adults comprehensive training in software development using real projects for real companies, to offer two “Engineer the Change” scholarships to help foster diversity in the local tech industry and empower individuals from underserved communities.

MediaOps will sponsor two full scholarships annually to students from disadvantaged communities interested in pursuing a career in the tech industry. The scholarships, each valued at $10,000.00, will enable students to enroll in the flagship Software Engineering Career Course at Boca Code, an immersive coding school that provides in-depth technical training. 

“The ‘Engineer the Change’ scholarships bring together two themes that are important to the MediaOps team and to me personally. The first is supporting the South Florida tech community on its journey to becoming a world-class destination for tech startups and tech professionals. The second is helping individuals from disadvantaged communities acquire the skills they need for a successful career in the tech industry,” said Alan Shimel, CEO/founder of MediaOps. “While the scholarship will help two students a year, we hope it will inspire other local companies to offer similar programs in support of these two worthy goals.”

Research shows a staggering lack of diversity in STEM fields, most noticeably within computer and engineering positions. It is a glaring workforce disparity that requires both recognition and responsibility from those at the highest levels in the tech world to create a more diversified and equitable workforce. 

Boca Code is a new venture bringing an immersive, hands-on approach to helping adults acquire valuable tech skills by working on real projects for companies. It is the first of its kind in South Palm Beach County. Boca Code offers a wide range of courses taught by experts with real-world experience.

“We are excited for our partnership with MediaOps,” CEO of Boca Code Todd Albert said. “It is important to us that we seize every opportunity to help foster inclusivity within the tech industry, and the Engineer the Change scholarship is a great start to empowering disadvantaged minorities within the South Florida community to grow their technical skill set.”

How To Apply

The “Engineer the Change” scholarships will be awarded to two deserving recipients on an annual basis. To be eligible, applicants must be over the age of 18 and be part of an underrepresented community (i.e. women, African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Native Americans or other minority groups). To be considered, applicants will be required to submit an essay detailing how they can serve as a role model to other disadvantaged individuals hoping to acquire the skills to become successful tech workers, and what type of career in the tech industry they are hoping to pursue. While the idea is to help the South Florida tech community, applicants can apply from anywhere, as long as they include in their application essay why they are coming to South Florida to launch their tech career.

Submissions for the first scholarship for the Software Engineering session, taking place April 5-June 4, are now open. The deadline to apply is March 15. The second scholarship application process will open Aug. 1 for the session taking place Sept. 20-Dec. 3. 

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Boca Code offers adults comprehensive training in software development using real projects for real companies to best prepare you for and help place you in a career in the tech industry. For more information, visit


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