CyberHero Adventures - Gary Berman - Digital AnarchistHacking Victim Turned Cyber Advocate Gary Berman Joins MediaOps to Co-Produce and Distribute His Unique Show Highlighting Cyber and IT Thought Leaders Protecting the Public

Boca Raton, Fl – Sept. 14, 2020 —  MediaOps, the place to tell your story in the most powerful way, today announced it has teamed with hacking-victim-turned-cyber-advocate Gary Berman to co-produce and distribute the “CyberHero Adventures: Defenders of the Digital Universe” video podcast. The show will join MediaOps’ award-winning lineup of video programming including TechStrong TV, DevOps Unbound and CISO Talk, all on the Digital Anarchist platform.

“CyberHero Adventures: Defenders of the Digital Universe” is an educational and entertaining series based on interviews with cybersecurity and IT thought leaders who protect the public from cyber attacks. Berman conducts in-depth interviews with industry experts to discuss real-life cyber crime stories, anecdotes and lessons learned.

Berman was a victim of cyber criminals earlier in his career, when he ran his own marketing firm, which ended in the loss of his business. Berman pivoted from being a victim ​to becoming an advocate, and after a 25-year career in marketing, entered the cybersecurity field with a mission to protect others from suffering the life-altering consequences of being hacked. In each episode, he shines a light on all the unsung heroes who toil in anonymity to keep us safe at work, home and school.

As an advocate, Berman was challenged by the complexity of cyber technology, attempting to distill complicated technology information into a communications platform accessible not just to the cybersecurity community but also to the general public. With support from the tech community contributing real-life stories of cybercrime, Berman launched the cyber hero comics series. The “CyberHero Adventures: Defenders of the Digital Universe” show was launched from the comics.

“I am proud to join the world-class professionals at MediaOps, as the next step in accomplishing my mission. Together, we are creating a highly engaging, entertaining and informative show that will be the antidote to the ‘Zoomification’ of the cybersecurity and IT community,” said Berman.

“Gary brings a fresh, unique perspective to his cyber awareness mission. We look forward to working with him and making his show a must-watch for both the cyber community and civilians looking for sound cybersecurity advice,” said Alan Shimel, CEO of MediaOps. “Our mission is bringing quality programming to our ever-growing audience across our omniversal channels. The CyberHero Adventures video series is a great example of this.”

“CyberHero Adventures: Defenders of the Digital Universe” will be available via the Digital Anarchist network and streamed via TechStrong TV, which is available on the web at LinkedIn Live ( page), Facebook Live ( page), YouTube (DevOps TV channel),, and the MediaOps community sites (, Security Boulevard and Container Journal). The show will also be available on the mobile app for iOS and Android and on TV via app for OTT channels on Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV.  Episodes are available on-demand at Digital Anarchist, the next-gen streaming service for tech communities, which offers in-depth coverage on DevOps, cybersecurity, cloud-native and digital transformation, adding high-quality content on a regular basis.



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