After 2020, who knows what’s in store in 2021 for Digital Transformation, DevOps, Cloud-Native and Cyber? An outstanding lineup of experts and leaders will share their best thoughts as they look at the year ahead and beyond

BOCA RATON, Fla. MediaOps, the place to tell your story in the most powerful way, announces its third annual Predict Virtual Conference, Predict 2021, taking place Thursday, Jan. 21, and Friday, Jan. 22, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. EST. The annual virtual conference features thought leaders, futurists and experts in the fields of Digital Transformation, Cloud-Native, DevOps and Cybersecurity, putting forth their views on what 2021 could bring.

The tech industry and the rest of the world faced unprecedented situations in 2020 as the global pandemic wreaked havoc on traditional ways of living. While new challenges arose, so did rapid digital transformation to keep up with rising demand as the world went virtual. What will happen in 2021? Will this trend continue? Accelerate? Slow down? Predict 2021 will tackle these issues head on. 

The event is free to all who register, but registration is limited ( In addition to the great speaker sessions, there will be panel discussions, interactive Q&As with speakers, a scavenger hunt and other giveaways, exhibitor booths and other interactive activities.

“No one predicted a global pandemic at Predict 2020, but some did say we would have more remote workers. I am looking forward to what this year’s forecasts are,” said Alan Shimel, CEO of MediaOps. “We have seen perhaps five years of digital transformation in the past 10 months. Will this be the new normal? Will we accelerate? 2021 promises to be a milestone year regardless. I am really looking forward to this great lineup of leaders sharing their views.” 

Some of the speakers for Predict 2021 have already been announced. They include: 

  • Jen Grant, CEO, Appify (“10 Years Later: Is Software Still Eating the World?”)
  • Emmet B. Keeffe III, Founder and Operating Partner, Insight IGNITE (“Sustaining The Pace of Digital Change”)
  • Jedidiah Yueh, Founder and CEO, Delphix (“Disrupt or Die: Delphix CEO Jedidiah Yueh on Privacy Expectations”)
  • Brian Dawson, Director, DevOps Evangelist at CloudBees (“Customers, Connections, and Conway’s Law: The Future of Software as a Core Function”)
  • Cyndi & Ron Gula, Managing Partners, Gula Tech Adventures (“Welcome to the Data Care Industry”)
  • Alan Shimel, CEO/Founder of MediaOps (“Time Proceeds In Only One Direction, We Will Go Forward From Here”)
  • Many others already announced—view the entire list at

Predict 2021 will be hosted on MediaOps’ new virtual conference platform with enhanced interactive features. A conference lobby, chat rooms, sponsor booths and a treasure hunt with giveaways are included in the virtual environment. Registration is free, but limited to all.

For an idea of what to expect at Predict 2021, check out last year’s event environment, Predict 2020, at


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